img1_l-scialla_11“In our era it seems that there isn’t the space to invented anymore. Everything’s already said, already done. So why not to take what has been already done and said, what has finished its lifecycle already, and re-compose it, giving it a new shape? From a material that lived already, to a new born material”.

This is the philosophy of “MACS DESIGN”, the alternative design studio created by Massimo Furlan, which designs and creates objects basing its projects on the re-use of recycled objects.
An example of this is “SCIALLA” (images 1 and 2): made of pneumatic tyres and inox steel, it is a confortable armchair on which you can lie down and relax quitely.
It is a new way of reading the pneumatic tyre, a classical “must have” of eco design, re-visited mixing creativity, functionality and aesthetic to involve the user in a smart way: who said that a buch of garbage couldn’t be transformed in a bunch of ideas with a little bit of creativity?
Moreover, the objects from “MACS DESIGN” not only can be bought, but also rented: with re-use and recycling everything is actually possible!


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  • annalisa

    La fantasia non ha limiti!!!fantastica!!!!