Aesthetics and ethics in a product?

filosofia1What do we mean when we talk about something that taste good? And what about something that is nice? Ethics, as Wikipedia reminds us, sets our behavior in a frame and “demands a rational basis, and not emotional, in the attitude taken, not reducible to a kind of irrational impulses of solidarity or loving care” vice versa the aesthetics is “an area of philosophy that deals with the knowledge of the natural and artistic beauty, and with the judgments of liking”.

In this first approximation, it would appear that transfering this discussion on design, the question is to make synthesis between subjective requests (of liking) and objective ones (ethics). Historically, quality in design coincided with its functional value: a good project contributes to create a artifact that performs the best function of use. The conflict arose in the relationship between functionality and aesthetics. Analysing closer the situation, it is more complicated.

Today, the ethics of a project and an object is increasingly evaluated using environmental parameters and these elements must be integrated with the concept of accessibility (ie the economical reproducibility) and the innovation. In our view, deal with design means managing all of these factors, and looking for new ballance of them every time, knowing that – for the large number of variables involved – this balance is precarious. In this sense, we live the slogan “the future is not written, we are drawing its direction.”

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