Naples: waste and change, a good news!

vesuvius-andy-warhol-napoli-capodimonte-620x475The increasing emphasis on Italian and Community legislation (eg in the EU directive of December 2008 in which prevention is placed at the top of the hierarchy of waste management community and that Italy will have to work within the same 12 December 2013 a national program of prevention waste) suggest to us that in the future we will put the focus of our attention to proper waste management. Good news certainly, but top/down change is not enough!

For this we are very pleased to hear of CleaNap, started with a word of mouth from a game on Facebook. People of Naples, with brooms and spades collect waste in the streets. And recycling the “do-it-yourself”. Every 10 days people, self organized on Facebook, decide to clean up a town square.
Neapolitan care indolence becomes again from the bottom, first to clean a street, then a square, then another. Alone. Which then became a program and an interesting acronym , in two syllables, good for children, graduates and grandparents: CleaNap.

The world can change from the Top, with new rules (but usually we can only influence a Policy) or acting “bottom up” here and now! Forza CleaNap!

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  • coordinamento cleanap

    Grazie per il supporto! 🙂