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1205327402b1A case to mention is “Vac from the Sea”, a vacuum cleaner produced by Electrolux with small pieces of plastic recovered from the oceans, which are used to create the body. The result are enjoyable objects that are different one from another, which encapsulate the high performance and reliable technology of a worldwide household appliance giant.

This is an example of an important first step for the recovery of plastic waste that wander from long time in the waters of the seas and oceans, and a great demonstration of design that seeks ecological solutions while maintaining high levels of product quality.

Enterprising ideas and new applications can therefore turn a risk factor, such as plastics in the seas, in an alternative proposal that brings people together in creative and collaborative activities. But there’s also someone that this summer, in a pleasant day by the sea, has made a simple gesture, collecting plastic abandoned on the beach to reclaim the beauty of the sea.

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