Do we Clean up the world?

Legambiente_16sett11It’s very ironic and sharp the communication campaign “Clean Up the World” sponsored by Legambiente from 16th to 24th September 2011. In the spot, like in a real horror movie, some boys, intent on jogging in a forest, are caught from the back by a zombie that emerges through a mountain of waste. The typical hand that goes out from the earth, symbolizing the arrival of hordes of zombies, is surrounded and covered with plastic and cans abandoned in the nature among smokes and mysterious lights.
The communication campaign plays with the paralyzing disbelief that many of us feel in front of sudden piles of waste left out. The scope of the initiative is just to face the invasion of waste in our nature and in our cities taking tongs and gloves and acting on sensitive points. Corporations, associations, governments, individual volunteers and all of them who believe on it, will be the protagonists of this initiative of care and cleaning of the Italian territory.

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