The water bulb – September 2011

Isang-Litrong-Liwanag-A-Liter-of-Light-SocialCampaignOften simple solution is the most intelligent and economical key to solve complex problems. Infact, the students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology have devised a method of illumination for three million homes in the city of Manila (Philippines) where people are forced to live in conditions of constant darkness.

To do so, just get a plastic bottle, water and bleach and simply placing bottles, filled with water, in holes made in the tin roofs to create real 55W bulbs using the refraction of the light. The project name is “A liter of light” – Isang Litrong Liwanag – and is based on the principles of Appropriate Technology, the movement that supports and encourages the development of simple and sustainable technologies to ensure essential services to countries in development.

What is better than a light bulb that illuminates with the light of the sun? Brilliant.

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