Clean advertising


Never as before the advertising has invaded our daily life in different ways, from paper to posters, from TV to Web. We are, in a certain sense, polluted by the constant presence of advertisements. Yet there is an advertisement that does not pollute at all.

This is the case, the world agency Green Graffiti, which offers alternative ways for making sustainable advertise. One of the proposed technique, the “reverse graffiti”, is compressed water, sprayed on ecological molds drilled, that clean up the layers of smog from the streets and walls leaving the message imprinted.

In 2010, the official year of biodiversity, the EU has chosen Green Graffiti for the campaign “We are all in this together”, imprinting words and images of animals on the streets of six main European cities. The idea to share, in fact, is that the sustainability of the message must be in line with sustainability of the medium!

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