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designing-sustainable-packaging-bookHow many times discarding a product or a gift we think that the envelope containing them is nothing but a passage of time that allows us to get in touch with our object of desire? But the packaging is also a product and like any other object, studied and designed. Indeed, the large amount of packs and packaging, which have a very short life due to their aim, is one of the greatest problems of environmental impact and waste management.

For this reason it is good to think about a sustainable and intelligent packaging as this book full of curiosities and interesting ideas suggests. It is titled “Designing Sustainable Packaging” and it is a collection of examples of virtuous packaging, but not only.

In the second part is a real manual with practical information to create step by step a sustainable packaging strictly made of biodegradable materials and with ingenious technical solutions, because virtue is created by the need!

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  • adsfa

    virtuoso, ma non solo. Nella seconda parte diventa un vero e proprio manuale con le informazioni pratiche per ricreare passo dopo passo un packaging sostenibile rigorosamente con materiali biodegradabili e con soluzioni tecniche ingegnose, perché da necessità si crea virtù!