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Regenesi_Swinging_Re-light_by_Denis_Santachiara_1 (1)LED technology is a recent innovation that has many advantages in terms of savings. It consists of a light source that is born as a result of a phenomenon that requires a minimal amount of energy, called electroluminescence. For this reason it is considered one of the latest technology useful for both current needs of energy saving and low environmental impact.

The functioning of the LED light allows us to have a high intensity light with a substantial reduction in consumption and used energies. Compared to traditional bulbs it has an energy saving until 80-90%. Another advantage is its durability that is much more superior than both incandescent lamps and fluorescent ones. Although, therefore, the initial cost is higher than other solutions, in the time you can have benefits in both environmental and economic terms: longer life, lower consumption and low environmental impact.
A case of LED technology applied to the world of sustainable design is the tablelamp Swinging Re-light, designed by Denis Santachiara for Regenesi. This is a transparent lamp made of regenerated plastic material, traversed from bottom to top, from a LED light positioned hidden into the aluminum base. Its classic shape, recreated with a series of strips free to rotate around its stem, is illuminated becoming entirely a light source of refined elegance and originality. The combination of technological innovation, reclaimed materials and a deeply aesthetic search of beautiful creates a unique precious object, where luxury and sustainability live perfectly together.


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