Recycle the air

img1_all-ombra-del-cieloNowadays we’re trying to understand better and better in which quantity chemicals, invisible to the eye, are present in the environment and in products and how they affect our lives.

The basic problem is that from many points of view making individual conscious choices is not effective enough a solution, but the only possible way seems to be hoping that enlightened scientists give their important contribution. In this direction, a research really regarding all of us has been recently lead : the one about global warming.

The revolutionary idea of the Nobel Prize Eiichi Negishi has been about not reducing, but about using and recycling the carbon dioxide that causes the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. The objective of this surprising theory is to reproduce the mechanism of nature which transforms carbon dioxide into organic material, making it a useful resource.

This process involves modifying the molecule of CO2 to recover the carbon and to make it energetically active as a source of organic matter. If so, in the next future, the excess of carbon dioxide, causing global warming, would be reduced to be a source of energy and not of pollution! A virtuous example of “good” chemistry.

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