Plants as friend

img1_muro_vegetale500Unlike in the animal world, the plants are able to transform toxic substances in nourishment and oxygen. It is currently in study how to rebalance exactly the levels of pollution in our cities, with integration initiatives of green urban environment.

The vegetation in the city may, in fact, actively contain the problem of air pollution. If in urban planning initially, the plants had only a decorative and ornamental value, now more than ever they are an important health meter and regulator of the air.

For this reason may be either a filter and a detector of dust and gas down the street. So the more resistant plants transform the various pollutants into organic matter and manage to level out the lead from the air we breathe. In the same way they are used for indoor plants, many of them are able to absorb toxic substances present in the objects and furniture, like formaldehyde.

From a research of the Institute of Biometeorology of Bologna they absorb more than the 80% of all indoor pollutants. Among the most common are considered active aloe, the cyclamen, begonias, and the beloved of Christmas star (poinsettia).

It is very important to repopulate our city with trees and green spaces, including through individual initiatives on the facades of buildings, on balconies and into the house to herself or to pursue the idea of a true green revolution.

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