Preserved energy

img1_gemasolar-plant-june2011-3bRenewable energy is up to now able to guarantee, with certainty, the energetic support for the future. It’s, in fact, a spontaneous resource of our planet that acts non.-stop creating a safe and a moreover sustainable source! But like any other technology, it can be improved and more efficient.

In fact, storing systems for accumulated energy are developing to return power to the network in a continuous and constant way. The solar park Gemasol built in Spain near Seville is an exemplary case: it’s capable of retaining accumulated heat and releasing it during the night to produce energy even without light! The revolutionary technology of its panels, composed of 60% of potassium nitrate and of 40% of sodium nitrate, it’s called Mses and allows heat storing for a long time.

Battery systems so called “slow battery” are another righteous example: if associated with a wind and/or a photovoltaic farm they allow to store and then re-enter energy into the power grid in a planned way. This also solves the congestion of the cabins when they receive too much power as in summer, thus avoiding any block and remaining in full activity!

We must therefore emphasize as the development of renewable energy is a very important step to bring the person to be energetically sustainable and again in “contact” with the forces of nature.

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