Principles of good Design

img1_032The book “Crandle to Crandle” by William McDonough, written with the German chemist and colleague Michael Braungart, has become the manifesto of ecologically intelligent design.

This book redraws a new market that is based on an industrial system generated from the waste, where products and services are environmentally friendly and designed with a sustainable mindset. The fundamental principle of this philosophy is to create products with non-toxic and separable materials, to be reintroduced into new production cycles.

Therefore it takes inspiration by Biomimetics – see Regens article: “Technology by nature” – thus everything regenerates in other forms and new functions. This project as a book also became the C2C certification mark and set several large retail companies as protagonists. Like Patagonia which made the “Sugar & Spice” shoe with a low environmental impact, thinked to be mounted and removed! There is no limit category, ranging from cleaning products for home and body care to durable products as chairs and clothes.

The idea is to reproduce a world in which the objects that surround us and the products that we use respond to specific principles of transparency, from their birth until their disposal. Regenesi products are created and manufactured with the same requirements, in accordance with the principles of Eco-Design.

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