Where’s the OFF button?

img1_house_offThe choice of sustainable energy solutions often leads to the perpetration of old habits lightly. The idea that new energy-saving technologies are a valid alternative must be supported by good practice for this reason.

In this sense, LED is a case of low environmental impact lighting (see Article Regens Blog – Design at the taste of LED), that is often used widely but without supervision. In fact in many new devices such as HI-FI, DVD players, televisions, there is no OFF button, but only the stand-by mode, indicated by a LED light.

So that each unit remains lit even during the night causing an unnecessary employ of energy, which reaches a significant size if we consider the totality of all appliances in stand-by mode. A good tip to neutralize all such waste is always to connect new technology to classic power strips equipped with a switch, for a real and total shutdown. This means saving energy, making a difference in a global sense with a little good deed.

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  • Maria Silvia Pazzi

    Grazie mille Ricky per il supporto! Sicuramente anche tu nel quotidiano hai “sane abitudini ecologiche”; sarebbe bello se potessi condividerle con noi 🙂