Clothes at 100%

img1_Lace1Love for sustainability has over time become inspiration for a lifestyle that is actively seeking sensible and alternative solutions.

Thus in the same way, some designers who invented and perfected the techniques for creating clothes without “waste” have taken action. It is estimated, in fact, that in the fashion industry the 15-20% of tissue is discarded during the production and sent to landfill.

The main idea is to propose fashion at zero waste! In particular, ingenious cutting methods called “puzzle cutting” and “subtraction cutting” are applied such that every inch of tissue is used without any remaining material. But it does not end here, there is another very interesting technique developed by designer Timo Rissanen, founder of “Fashion Without Fabric Waste Creation”.

The technique in this case is called “cut subtraction” for which the clothe arises from non-further cut up tissues to obtain additional parts shaped as puffs, pockets, collars and decorative finishes. These new realities create a fashion that watches at the same time towards elegance and restraint of the use of resources, casting the groundwork to expand more and more new and innovative markets for sustainable beauty.

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