The sustainable choice

matID6M-0d13-alluminioIn a world more and more populated, submerged by waste and in shortage of resources, the sustainability of the products we buy becomes a necessary choice.

The extraction of raw materials involves not only the gradual exhaustion of the sites but also the alteration of the natural systems, which can cause major repercussions on the life of local populations. A problem of social and environmental impact also derives from the disposal of waste for which, as a result, larger and larger quantities of discarded materials invade and pollute the living space of the planet.

Sustainable is the ability to convert waste into new raw materials, in order to achieve as much as a product concept that allows saving of the resources and the energy needed for its production. Recovered and recycled aluminum, for example, saves 95% of resources, with significant reductions in energy consumption and water. In this sense proposing everyday products designed in accordance with these principles is contributing to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle (see Regens post “Quality Re-Made“).

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