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RdF: the Regenesi Design Factory

The Regenesi Design Factory (RDF) is a design laboratory which conceptualizes and creates new designer artifacts for the home and office. It is committed to supporting the work of young designers and upholding a philosophy that cares about sustainability and ecological issues.

The future is not cast in stone, so why not aim for one that is beautiful and sustainable? This is what guides our work at RDF
Working with emerging designers, RDF gives space to each designer to create and publishes their projects. Collaborating with designers who share the goals of stylistic continuity, innovation and brand identity is of the utmost importance for Regenesi. Since September 2008, Regenesi has worked with the Politecnico University of Turin and the University of Venice to research innovative materials, functionality and products as well as its continuing mission to improve business processes for both social and environmental sustainability.