Corporate social responsability: are you looking for beauty or approval?

greenbusiness_newCorporate social responsability: are you looking for beauty or approval?
Companies have developed a growing interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issue, that means that the firm wants voluntary take care of social and ecological implications of its activities.

An innovative concept introduced in the Eighties and developed over time, generating specific rules of business management (ISO), ad hoc network and becoming itself the subject of EU communications. Being recognized by customers as socially and environmentally responsible (ie improving the minimum legal obligations in that field) it is element for competition between different compagnie in many situations.
In this context, I think that is important a real research for entire liability company should be characterized by a positive and emotionally way to what the firm wants to be as a company even before the fulfilling and adaptation of legislation, that for its nature is gauging.
I believe that “beauty will save the world” but sometimes I wonder if the “rules turn off all emotion!” What do you say?


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