Energy in motion

img1_flashmob1Every day thousands of people are moving relentlessly producing kinetic energy which ends up dissipated and lost. If we could sum up the movement of each single person we would have a sustainable source to feed many human activities. An effective mechanism to transform the movement into electrical energy is the technology called “piezoelectric”.

The first studies date back to 1880, when Pierre and Jacques Curie theorized the phenomenon. The operation is expressed in the same word, which means “electric pressure”, or the ability of certain crystalline materials to create a potential difference when subjected to mechanical stress. Today is studying ways to use large piezoelectric systems in crowded and highly frequented places. Such as the system installed in 2008 outside the railway station in Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan), to capture the energy of travelers. At each step, a person of at least 60 kg generates 0.5 kWh of electricity: a minimum size, affordable and highly efficient system.

Another use of the same principle is in Rotterdam, where the architecture studio Döll-Atelier voor Bouwkunst designed and built the first “sustainable disco”, in which the energy demand is fully met by the boost made ​​by people on its piezoelectric dancefloor. The Israeli society Innowatech is also developing a piezoelectric device capable of generating energy from movement of vehicles on the road. The world is full of vibrating surfaces which could produce a large amount of energy: this is an intelligent, clean and sustainable way for all of our movements and all of our efforts not to be futile.

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