Indoor Sport carpets : when the energy of sport meets sustainability

Finding time for physical activity is not always easy. So, why not bring the vitality of sport into the comfort of your living-room? This was the brilliant hunch of the industrial designer Marco Ferreri who enclosed in his indoor sport carpets not only the image of a real sports field but also the dynamism, the freedom and the energy of sport
Creativity and innovation meets in the Sports collection of the Italian designer who married the reduce – reuse – recycle paradigm on which circular economy is based on.
For his creations Ferreri used a particular recycled rubber obtained from previous in-house manufacturing surplus. A non toxic material, that is non-harmful for the health. According to the circular approach adopted by him nothing become waste. All turns into something else, gets back into the system generating value


Indoor sport carpets: dynamism of sport and respect for the environment

” The personality of the material asserts itself, overcoming its ties to a precise functionality of use. The rubber for covering sports grounds is used to create carpets to lay in living rooms, bringing “a little bit” of sporting passion to your home. In so doing we are changing our normal concept of material usage, “recycling” our perception of everyday objects too.” ( Marco Ferreri)


An idea manufactured in a numbered series, in five varieties, each intended for a specific sport (football, five-a-side, tennis, basketball and athletics) testifying a design research based on eco-innovation principles integrating functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.
A design choice which brings advantages on the entire value chain!

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