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File Bag Red Polka Dot Big

  • With passion in its heart, the File Bag: Red collection is a delightful and audacious design which has "bold and carefree" in its very nature.

    This version of the special collection features a red and black polkadot motif on a full-red body.

    In common with the rest of the File Bag line, the File Bag Red collection is 100% eco-sustainable.


    As each of our bags is handmade by Italian artisans especially for you, delivery will take a minimum of 15 days.

  • This product is entirely made with recycled and rennovated leather. This is genuine leather, made from natural hides which were discarded during the manufacturing process for other products (usually high-end fashion production). The leather fibers are tanned using vegetable-based substances, natural latex (extracted from rubber plants), water, natural fats and natural coloring agents and salts. This process is more involved than standard industrial leather production but is both friendlier to the environment and produces goods which are free from toxic or non-natural substances. The end result is both an exceptionally high quality product, which is durable, strongly fade-resistant and supple.

  • Size: 22cm x 20cm x 10cm
    Designer: Annalisa Caricato
    Material: Regenerated leather