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  • This MSP tote is part of the REGENESI collection. Lovingly made in Italy from regenerated leather, it features colorful lines evoking painter’s brushstrokes and practical features such as a roomy compartment and shoulder straps.

  • This product is entirely made with regenerated leather. This is genuine leather, made from natural hides which were discarded during the manufacturing process for other products (usually high-end fashion production). The leather fibers are tanned using vegetable-based substances, natural latex (extracted from rubber plants), water, natural fats and natural coloring agents and salts. Beyond leather, the MSP bag range also includes C02-neutral wool from regenerated textiles and knitwear as well as small amounts of wood, which is from renewable/regenerated sources, treated with natural dyes.

  • Size: 41cm x 43cm x 11cm
    Designer: The Regenesi Design Factory
    Material: Regenerated leather