January 09, 2020

Design your file bag


File bag, the iconic Regenesi bag that combines classic lines and avant-garde details giving life to an accessory with a timeless allure, and today it becomes customizable.

In fact, it will be possible to personalize the interchangeable cover - the distinctive key element of the bag - through graphics, images, lettering and colors. Thus the bag becomes the spokesperson of a message, informative or advertising don't care, conveying it in an elegant way through a must have accessory.

File Bag is a Regenesi handbag made of regenerated leather handmade in Italy. Characteristic of the bag is the interchangeable cover, capable of giving new character to each outfit.

Classic in lines, innovative in materials and versatile in look, File Bag is the perfect object to customize to communicate your identity to your customers, as well as being a concrete project of sustainability, in the current perspective of circular economy.

"I am happy to be able to make a product that I love available to companies and entrepreneurs. File Bag has changed its appearance numerous times since its creation. It is the perfect accessory to be customized and I like the idea of making it available for different projects. "Says Maria Silvia Pazzi, CEO Regenesi.

Regenesi, beauty is sustainable.
This is Regenesi, the company awarded Best Circular Economy 2019 in the SME category, which is dedicated to the regeneration of post-consumer materials by transforming them into fashion objects and accessories with an innovative and completely sustainable design. Born thanks to an idea of the entrepreneur Maria Silvia Pazzi, the company today represents an excellence of Made in Italy in the production of fashion accessories and objects for the home and office entirely made with industrial waste materials, to which Regenesi gives a new life. This is how product lines created by international designers are born and based on a virtuous production cycle that transforms waste into beauty, combining style, functionality and sustainable design. Based in Bologna, Regenesi markets its products through the online store and at a selected network of stores around the world.