• This rug brings the vitality of sport into the comfort of the living room so you can move about freely without fear of injury. Covering sports pitches, courts and tracks, the special rubber used in this rug is non-slip, waterproof and hardwearing. This rug features the football design. The series also contains pieces for athletics, five-a-side, tennis and basketball.

    Care and maintenance

    A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dirt such as dust and sand from the rug while streaks left by shoes are best removed with non-foaming detergents.

  • The production and manufacture of rubber can be heavily polluting, resulting in products which are far from friendly, either to the earth or the people that use them. Our process to produce these sports mats is different. The material we employ consists of rubber, paraffin, colouring oxides and stabilisers, and is 40% recycled. All of the raw materials used are classified as non-toxic, non-harmful and abide by the strictest EU codes on environmental production.

  • Size: 180cm x 240cm x 0.4cm
    Designer: Marco Ferreri
    Material: Regenerated rubber