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N. 8 | The Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development

November 22, 2017

N. 8 | The Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development

The respect for the environment is an actual topic and increasingly important. This importance comes from its vastness, in fact the areas on which is possible to act to protect it are countless and circular economy, that we love so much, is just one of them.

These areas are enclosed in the sustainability: a dynamic and vast theme, which includes the environmental well-being, the society and the economy and it was the focus of the last G7, where all the countries member expressed again their commitment to follow the directions of Agenda 2030, already approved in 2015.

Agenda 2030 acts in different spheres: people, peace, planet, prosperity and partnership.
• People: it means reset the poverty and cancel the territorial discrepancy, ensure the development of humans resources, promote the wealth and well-being.
• Planet: the Agenda aims to stop the loss of biodiversity and the preservation of the environment through a sustainable management of the resources.
• Prosperity: this area’s goals are focused on financing and innovation promotion, employment and quality education, economy decarbonization and setting of sustainable production and consumption models.
• Peace: it lists the objects that need to be reached in order to promote a not discriminatory society and not based on the violence.
• Partnership: it defines the aims of all the economy sectors. For what concern the private sector, Agenda 2030 would like to promote the cooperation among private profit and no profit sector, for promoting the social development, fight the misery and make the economy grows.

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