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August 11, 2017


An economic system aimed to regenerate itself that replaces the linear commitment considered until today. Thus the economic, environmental and cultural context along the entire value chain could be briefly considered.

The pillar of this important change will be innovation in all its forms. Innovation as eco-design, as an advance of new materials and new products, as new technological frontiers to be reached in the production field, but also new methods of recycling or recovery of its industrial waste.

It is within this context that includes Horizon 2020, the European program that supports research, innovation and development of SMEs and represents a framework for the related financing.

Three are the pillars on which Horizon 2020 focuses:

  • scientific excellence aimed at exploring the scientific basis of the European Union through funding for collaborative research aimed at the circulation of new ideas and practical know - how within the Union.
  • industrial leadership to support innovation and internationalization of SMEs.
  • society challenges facing large companies at the heart of sectors such as food security, clean energy or intelligent transport.

Recipients and funding opportunities

A project that enhances the experience of about 80 billion euros for 7 years (2014-2020) (through the participants portal) that will be done by a committee of experts.

For research and development projects, the EU contribution can reach 100% of total costs, 70% for innovation projects.An impulse to research and innovation that inevitably passes from the circular economy!

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