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December 19, 2018


"The world must act together because there is no plan B"
These are the words of the Polish Deputy Minister of the Environment Michal Kurtyka on the occasion of the opening of the UN climate conference -COP24- held in Katowice, Poland, ended on Friday 14 December.

From this Monday is started the discussion with the heads of government and ministers, aimed at reaching a declaration that guarantees a "just transition" to the industries fueled by fossil fuels on the road to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the World Bank announced that it has pledged $ 200 billion in aid to developing countries in the fight against climate change, covering the period 2021/2025 and doubling the current five-year plan to combat changes in climate change. climate.

"We are here to allow the world to act together on climate change, all countries must show creativity and flexibility (...) the ONU Secretary General relies on us, there is no plan B".

There is no plan B, the deputy environmental minister has said it and repeated it several times, and for a long time we are aware of it all of us.

The circular economy is no longer a theoretical quirk but has become our plan A, the only truly sustainable and future-oriented for man and the environment for years to come. And so true luxury becomes sustainable luxury, whose preciousness is given both by the tangible objectivity of a product and by the philosophy that accompanies it, strictly green.

Consumerism is destined to soon become "out of fashion" like the numerous new university courses that are emerging in these years, where students are trained on a culture of conscious, ethical and innovative fashion, discovering a new form of green economy linked to the fashion and design sector, still a symbol of low-cost consumption and evanescent duration.

The journalist Naomi Klein in her manifesto book "No Logo" wrote in the years 2000: "When a t-shirt costs € 1.00 you have to ask yourself WHO and HOW is paying the consequences". The answer is all too clear, and it is ALL OF US.

For years, Regenesi has chosen to marry the circular economy as a plan A for its products and as a partner for large companies, in the concrete help for a sustainable business development, maturing a heritage entirely focused on the themes of a green lifestyle. And you? At what point are you with sustainability?

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