November 15, 2018


Today everyone has been aware of the purely commercial implication of American Black Friday, which has effectively become the emblem of low-cost consumption all over the world. But where did it come from, and how did it get to us?

The first Black Friday dates back to 1924, when the great American distribution chain Macy's, founded in 1858, organized a parade in New York on the Friday after Thanksgiving, to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas period. From that moment on, the custom was repeated every year, spreading and including an increasing number of commercial activities. The explosion of the "Black Friday" phenomenon will happen later, in the '80s, thanks above all to the rampant economy of the United States by Ronald Reagan. From this date, the Christmas period is officially opened for shops and dealers. It is for this reason that Black Friday has taken on a deeper social and economic significance with the passing of time: in fact, observing sales data, we obtain a significant picture of economic health (US) and market trends.

But why the term “black”? Even today, the origins of the name are confusing. From those who see us a question of budget - black balance sheets in active during the day of discounts in contrast with the red color of the days in loss - who makes it go back to the traditional football game "Army vs Navy" and all the problems that traffic congestion caused the police during this day.

But let's pass on to us, thatmore than black friday we should coin the more correct term of green friday. For Regenesi black friday does not want to be a day dedicated to the compulsive consumption of low-priced items, but a unique opportunity to make a conscious purchase, for themselves or for a loved one. According to Regenesi, black friday means getting closer to the concepts that are dear to us of circular economy, ethical fashion and environmental sustainability, through precious objects and accessories that will not only constitute a small added value for yourself, but also for the environment. Regenesi offers every day the opportunity to approach a green and sustainable lifestyle, but during this day we want to do a little more, giving everyone the opportunity to experience that a refusal can really become beauty, turning into an object full of history and dear to the earth.

Connect to our website, choose the items you prefer and insert the coupon BLACK20 to enjoy an exclusive discount dedicated to the whole weekend, from Friday 23rd to Monday 26th of November. Choose sustainability, many are already doing it, together we can do great things!