• The perfect backpack for your everyday life, but also for your holidays. Thanks to its roll-up closure it's very versatile and can adapt to your needs.

    This product is part of Regenerate your jeans©, an eco-design line of beautifully designed accessories made from your old jeans.

    Minimal and finely crafted accessories, all hand made in Italy. Embellished with exceptional stitching to enhance every detail of your denim. This line includes accessories with a strong visual impact, in which nothing is left to chance, both in the external part and in the internal lining, where the pockets acquire new functions.

    - Do you have a pair of jeans that you no longer wear, but are too close to your heart to throw away? Why not regenerate them!
    - Choose the model you want to transform them into from the list below, add it to the cart and proceed to check-out.
    - Our team will contact you via email to explain how to prepare your jeans and arrange for our courier to pick them up.
    - After that, we will entrust it to the expert hands of our designers who will make the most of every detail, offering you a unique reinterpretation of your jeans.


    We want to remind you that each model is made on the basis of the uniqueness of the single pair of jeans, ensuring that each product of this line is unique and unrepeatable. The reference photos are just an example of the model that will be reproduced using  the pair of jeans you choose to send us.

    Delivery period of around 40 days after receipt of the jeans.

  • The goal is to reduce fast fashion practice in favour of a circular and sustainable way of consumption.

  • Measurements: 50x34 cm.