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Februar 07, 2019


Entered into force on 1st of January, the Government's maneuver envisages new measures in the fields of energy efficiency, the circular economy, renewables and the green economy. With it, also a whole series of measures dedicated to environmental sustainability and a better energy efficiency of the country system.

Regarding the circular economy, the maneuver provides for the introduction of incentives to companies to reduce and recycle waste, with particular attention to plastics. In this regard, a tax credit was set up to the extent of 36% of the expenses incurred by companies for the purchase of recycled products obtained from materials deriving from the separate collection of plastic packaging, as well as for the purchase of biodegradable and compostable packaging derivatives from the separate collection of paper and aluminum, within the limit of use equal to € 20thousand for each beneficiary and, overall, € 1million for each of the years 2020 and 2021.

"The circular economy is a key factor in combating climate change, reducing its negative impacts" explains Gianluigi Angelantoni, vice-president of the Kyoto Club. "But it is not just a defensive factor, it is also opportunities for new business, technological innovation, new jobs, allowing us to live in a cleaner world, also gratified by significant and tangible economic returns ". It would be wrong, however, to consider the circular economy as a phenomenon that concerns only the production and consumption of an asset. Indeed, it has affected the construction of a more efficient use of resources system. In this sense, the development of the circular economy goes hand in hand with the life cycle of products and waste and end-of-life management.

These are important challenges, and it is essential that the Government and Parliament give answers in this regard.

Good news also comes in terms of separate collection, functional to the correct development of the circular economy. Last year, in fact (according to the data collected by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Union of circular economy companies) the differentiated has grown to 55.5% (+ 3% compared to 2016) and the recycling of urban waste has arrived 44% (+ 2% compared to 2016). The recycling of packaging waste also confirmed its growth (8.8 million tonnes in 2017, + 3.7% vs. 2016), reaching 67.5% on consumer input, exceeding the target of 65% that the new directive indicates to 2025.

Excellent news, especially for those companies that like us, have made the circular economy their core business, and that today they have the strength and the productive support to help other Italian and foreign companies in the development of small and large projects of circular economy, providing heritage, materials and skills to achieve a common global goal. Every small business step is important, and choosing to do it using the right tools and the right skills is a key factor for an excellent outcome!

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