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November 09, 2020


Today we try to walk "where the angels hesitate", that is to enter the context where business issues are combined with ecological, relational and ethical issues. The occasion is that of the last election of the President of the United States; which reminded us of an important thing.

We don't mean that Trump is traditionally closer to industries less attentive to environmental sustainability rather than the questionable decisions made; but we are talking about the way in which a politician (but on closer inspection each of us) interacts with his interlocutors, which is an integral part of both the creation and the solution of the problems themselves.

Let's try to explain ourselves better.
It is necessary to pay attention to the merit of the decisions that are made (therefore speaking of the ecology of contents, as we often remember: economically, socially and environmentally sustainable) as well as to the way and the relationship with which these decisions are reached and their positions.

We believe that an evolved ecological approach must also integrate the dimension of "how" we arrive at a solution, how we behave towards others and towards rules and conventions. So let's talk about relational ecology.

Pollution is not only due to clumsy or poorly designed products, but also the relationships and communication aimed at overriding or intentionally trying to manipulate the other. Behaviors that do not seek sharing but are rather aimed at contrasting, pollute social relationships. In this sense, when we find ourselves voting to choose who represents us, we should look at what he says (the merit) and how he does it - pre-charging, manipulating? Or by supporting and comparing? -. Do we agree how to work or do we change the conventions in order to make them functional to what we need at that moment?

At Regenesi, we aim to develop equal and adult relationships with our entire ecosystem which includes partners, suppliers and colleagues. We have learned the hard way that the "big guys" are often not "big" and that ethical statements are sometimes simply "agency copy." We believe that economic sustainability must transition from an education to personal responsibility as well as social sustainability and environmental.


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