Januar 06, 2020


"Regenerate your jeans" is an eco-design project that Regenesi makes available to all retailers, offering to the shopkeeper the opportunity to develop a simple, new and highly aesthetic circular economy project.

 A real menu, made up of shopping bags and postman bag, a pouch, a beauty bag, a backpack and a belt; from which the customer can select the new intended use to be given to his jeans. Minimal and finely handmade in Italy, embellished with seams careful to make the most of every detail of the trousers, to offer a style with a strong visual impact, in which nothing is left to chance, both in the external part and in the internal lining, where pockets acquire new features.

Every feature of the trousers will be given the maximum prominence, offering the end customer a reinterpretation of their jeans to be surprised. "Regenerate your jeans" boasts multiple key points, and in addition to the ethics and high tailoring manufacturing behind the project, it offers the shopkeeper an advantage of customer loyalty, giving value to the shop / customer relationship.

 "An important project, which offers the possibility to the shopkeeper to realize, with our support, a concrete and serious project of sustainable fashion, in addition to giving his customer a reason to enter and return to the store with events and services that focus on the physical store as a meeting place "declares Maria Silvia Pazzi, CEO Regenesiand creator of the project.

 With "Regenerate your jeans", Regenesi wanted to create an ethical, sustainable and easily communicable project dedicated to all shop owners and their customers who are attentive to quality and sustainability, in fashion and lifestyle.

Regenesi, beauty is sustainable.
This is Regenesi, the company awarded Best Circular Economy 2019 in the SME category, which is dedicated to the regeneration of post-consumer materials by transforming them into fashion objects and accessories with an innovative and completely sustainable design. Born thanks to an idea of the entrepreneur Maria Silvia Pazzi, the company today represents an excellence of Made in Italy in the production of fashion accessories and objects for the home and office entirely made with industrial waste materials, to which Regenesi gives a new life. This is how product lines created by international designers are born and based on a virtuous production cycle that transforms waste into beauty, combining style, functionality and sustainable design. Based in Bologna, Regenesi markets its products through the online store and at a selected network of stores around the world.