Juni 28, 2023

Regenerate your jeans - upcycled bag

REGENESI, the brand with a green and sustainable soul, which signs creations linked to the world of design, fashion, and art, tells its story through the 'Regenerate your jeans' project.
Embracing in the round what is eco-sustainable and has a low environmental impact is the mission of Maria Silvia Pazzi, founder of Regenesi.
Using materials derived from synthetic textile fibres, created with recycled plastic bottles, is an integral part of Regenesi's project, summarised in the claim "From waste to beauty"; but the brand's action does not stop and also embraces upcycling, i.e. creating something new from what already exists, giving it a new value or even a different function from its original one.

This is how Regenesi gives new life to jeans, whether they are the ones you have worn and loved or whether you choose to rely on the brand's dead stock, here they come to life transformed into ten different models. Everyone will be able to choose the one that most represents them: from the roll-up backpack to the fringed postbag, or from the trunk mina to the shopper, passing by the capacious bag.

Renewed and renewable, the "Regenerate your jeans" collection therefore thinks of the most nostalgic, thus reviving the old denim canvas trousers, everything is very simple the butler service is free of charge a courier will pick up your jeans and once the transformation is complete, you will receive your new Regenesi bag. It is no coincidence that one of the most polysemic fabrics in history, but also the most democratic, was chosen for this project. How many of us have considered our beloved jeans as a fetish, witness and protagonist of our stories? To see our 5 pockets reborn thanks to Regenesi's manual intervention is wonderful and it is even more so to know that thanks to creative recycling, we have a new accessory of great ethical and environmental value, in the name of circularity.