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Regenesi green partner at the 2019 CHI IS CHI Awards

September 16, 2019

Regenesi green partner at the 2019 CHI IS CHI Awards

Kicking off Milan Fashion Week 2019 are the Chi è Chi Awards of which Regenesi as of this year is officially the green sponsor. Under the Patronage of the City of Milan and the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, the Chi è Chi Awards, now in their 19th edition, this year celebrate "The world of supermodels: the excellence of Italian fashion on stage." Among exceptional supermodels, directors, photographers and stylists, Maria Silvia Pazzi, founder and CEO of Regenesi, together with Nicoletta Polla Mattiot of Il Sole 24 ORE, assigns the special green awareness award to Matteo Marzotto, president of Dondup, the well-known entrepreneur committed to making fashion collections, more and more sustainable.

Maria Silvia Pazzi, CEO of Regenesi, explains: “Making fashion and design ever greener is an intent, but above all a commitment to the environment and consumers, which is not always easy to fulfill. Entrepreneurs like Matteo Marzotto show how determination, constant research, innovation in the field and careful communication can become reality. Hence, the awarding of the Chi è Chi Awards in the green fashion 2019 category.”

“I am honored and grateful to Chi è Chi Awards and to Regenesi for this important recognition dedicated to green fashion" comments Matteo Marzotto, President of Dondup. "I believe that the necessary and now unbreakable goal of sustainability can only be achieved through a series of rigorous but progressive actions that lead to a new way of understanding and designing the future of civilization. "Circularity" seems to me the key word through which to begin this enormous challenge.”