Juli 15, 2022

Regenesi participates at VID

Ravenna, 14 luglio 2022.

For Regenesi, the Bologna-based company that is a pioneer in the production of fashion accessories and objects made entirely from industrial or even post-consumer waste materials, this year (2022) is a year of prestigious appointments and recognitions.

After winning the Sustainable Fashion Award at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week event (23-27 May), now Maria Silvia Pazzi, founder, creative soul and unstoppable driving force behind the Regenesi project, will be the guest of the third edition of VID - Venice Innovation Design (16-17 July San Servolo - Venice).

VID is the appointment under the banner of sustainabilitỳ capable of bringing together architects and entrepreneurs, designers, academics and innovators, representatives of sector institutions and attentive observers from the world of design, with the common aim of comparing new visions, ideas and projects, operational and entrepreneurial proposals dedicated to sustainable design.

Two days of debates, speeches and case histories, where Regenesi will bring its contribution by telling its story through its projects and creations, authentic expressions of a culture that cares about the environment and manages to combine refinement with comfort and aesthetics with social responsibility.

Regenesi with its 14 years of life is already a repository of an important ethical heritage and a synthesis of a conscious and concrete approach.

Projects that have seen it move into different areas and sectors, adopting a collaborative model where the focal point always remains the green approach and circular economy. Creating synergies, initiating collaborations, generating partnerships has always been Regenesi's mission because it is precisely from sharing objectives and ideas that the best projects are born.

At VID, the made-in-Italy brand will therefore be the protagonist together with 11 other start-ups dedicated to the world of ethical design and selected in collaboration with EDIT Napoli - editorial design fair and with #Greenheroes, the movement that focuses on sustainable companies curated by Alessandro Gassmann and Annalisa Corrado of Kyoto Club.

Sustainable beauty, products with high aesthetic content: Regenesi is the archetype of a culture that cares about the environment and people.


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