Regenesi launches REMIND at Pitti Uomo 102

Juni 13, 2022

Regenesi launches REMIND at Pitti Uomo 102

Once again, Regenesi aims straight for a goal. It’s a Bologna-based company that has been transforming waste for more than 14 years, regenerating post- consumer materials and then returning them as innovative and completely sustainable eco-design fashion accessories.

Its accessories are the perfect synthesis of experimentation and functionality, synonymous with a journey through everyday gestures that tell a lifestyle story.

Thinking of today and looking to tomorrow: this is the mission of the brand that has chosen to use only materials that respect the environment and consequently reduce the impact of those who inhabit it.

The SS23 collection has no gender, but a precise identity and a strong voice.

Its name is REMIND. Whether it is one word, or formed of two (RE MIND), it is an invitation to never forget who we are and what our priorities are and to use our minds because only there lies authentic freedom.

Thanks to this ethical freedom, Maria Silvia Pazzi, founder and creative soul of the brand, chooses a fabric constructed of 80% cotton from the regeneration of garment waste for the REMIND collection. The process of transforming the fabric into yarn, totally eliminates the dyeing process and consequently the saving of thousands of liters of water is guaranteed (dyeing requires 10 liters of water per kg of cotton).

The result is a certified fabric (Oeko-Tex CI2 - REACH CI1) with a soft hand and fresh aesthetic that lives declined in shades of beige, pink, brown and green, both light and dark.

The shopper bag lives on in maxi and midi sizes. The bag that becomes a backpack and the tote. All these accessories choose the essential and are cared for down to the smallest detail: the stitching on the edges is contrasting and in tone with the cord used for the handles, also an authentic narrative of Regenesi's integrity.

Consistency is thus the common thread running through the entire creative project. For this, the ribbons used for handles were "rescued" from the disposal of a high fashion company about to close, reminding us that the circular economy is an integral part of the brand's vision.

All the proposals are embellished with the Regenesi monogram placed in the center: the worm that turns into a butterfly. Once again, the Regenesi project tells an authentic Made in Italy story, where passion and creative freedom are mixed with experimentation and everything is declined in a chic style.