Empowering change: 5 influencers redefining eco-living

August 29, 2023

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In the vast world of social media, where fashions change at lightning speed and inspiration is always just a click away, five women who are giving our everyday living a twist stand out. From different perspectives, these influencers are working hard to bring sustainability to the spotlight and are being genuine sparks of change toward a more balanced and environmentally friendly future. At a time when sustainability is more of a priority than ever, the contributions of these five women go beyond the superficial: they are a constant reminder of the importance of acting responsibly, turning every aspect of our daily lives, from cooking to fashion, from design to travel, into a vehicle for social change. 

And now let's find out together who these influencers are and how they are shaping our future lifestyles. Get ready to be inspired!


1) Silvia Stella 

Silvia Stella Osella, textile & surface designer, has long been dedicated to promoting ethical fashion, long before it became a central focus in industry discussions. She emerges as one of the active founders of the Movement for Responsible Fashion, a synergy involving companies, brands and influential personalities, all united by a vision of fairer fashion. This movement reaches out to everyone from companies to individuals and institutions, all with the goal of stimulating critical thinking and supporting a more conscious approach to consumption. Follow it if you want to stay updated on the latest trends in fashion, with an eye always on sustainability. 


2) Cristina Cotorobai aka @Cotoncri

Former model, now a sustainability influencer, on Instagram she shares unfiltered tales of the path she and her partner have taken toward a less impactful life. 

@cotoncri, tells with honesty and irony this change in her life, while inspiring us to be aware of the consequences that our every day actions produce on the environment.


3) Ida Galati aka @Lestanzedellamoda

In 2013 she emerged among the most widely read fashion bloggers in Italy and among the first to teach blogging. Today she is also a Tiktok expert and coach: through personal videostorytelling, creating original formats such as Fashion Flash (a daily fashion newscast), she has managed to create a community of enthusiasts but also neophytes who choose learn new things every day including how to approach sustainable fashion.  


4) Camilla Mendini aka @Carotilla 

In 2016 Carotilla, became the first Italian Green Influencer to explore the world of slow fashion, circular economy and zero waste on Instagram and Youtube. In 2018, she launched the clothing brand Amorilla, founded on values of sustainability and ethics, with a focus on sustainable fabrics and vegetable dyes. In 2019 she was mentioned as a Green Influencer in the Lifestyle section at the first edition of Top Italian Green Influencers organized by Green Style and was included by Vogue in the Italian list of environmental activists to follow on Instagram, together with Greta Thunberg.


5) Giorgia Pagliuca aka @ggalaska

Giorgia is a very young influencer who has created her own green space in which to share, inform, and network to bring about awareness and desire for change regarding the topic of sustainability in all its forms. A dispenser of practical advice on how to live more resposably, she often suggests useful books, articles and films to move toward a reduced environmental impact and in particular focuses on the topic of "Slow Eating," or how our diet and food choices affect our planet.


Explore this 5 accounts and dive yourself in each one's universe. Choose who inspires you the most and learn lightly how to live your daily life and your relationship with the environment in a less impactful and more respectful way.