History of a timeless fantasy · the polka dot

Oktober 18, 2018

History of a timeless fantasy · the polka dot

Calling it pattern is reductive, the polka dot fabric is now considered a passepartout, a classic like any monochrome, and in its alternation of colors the polka dot fabric tells a long and troubled story.

“Do not wear two-piece garment”, this is the Old Testament passage whose interpretation during the Middle Ages condemned the two-tone dress to dark ages. Drawing the dots equidistantly without the help of the machines was impossible, and the risk was to obtain an irregular result with a "spotted" and grotesque appearance, which could bring to mind an image of illness.
For these reasons, in Europe during this period nobody wore polka dot fabrics. 

To begin wearing it will have to spend several more years, until the end of the nineteenth century, will be cleared by Polka, the famous dance that quickly passed out of fashion leaving us the timeless fantasy to wear. In the '30s this fantasy reaches its peak in clothing, in micro format and on black and blue backgrounds.
It will be the '50s to decree its success, in fashion, cinema and design, customs cleared with great imagination of all shapes and colors, have become a real must have, destined to become an icon in the world and in every social class.

Today, the polka dot returns cyclically on the catwalk, as in the proposals for spring summer 2018.  “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot” Marc Jacobs says, and how to blame him! The polka dot is a timeless classic that we like to see again on the catwalk and to wear, even following more colorful and imaginative meanings than the best known, classic and bon ton.

Also Regenesi wanted to give its interpretation of this icon in an eco-friendly version through File Bag, a timeless bag in regenerated leather that fully represents our idea of sustainable, beautiful, feminine and eco-luxury.