Say and do sustainability. How importanti is sustainability in fashion to you?

Mai 14, 2020

Say and do sustainability. How importanti is sustainability in fashion to you?

Numbers would seem to speack clearly. In a recent Nielsen survey, over 80% of people globally think that companies should strive to improve the sustainability of their products. Sustainability would therefore become a strategic imperative for all the Brand that want to grow.

However, although the numbers reported by the research are overwhelming, people’s purchasing habits are still far from a radical change in purchasing behavior. Sustainability would still seem an important value in people’s declarations, but often not pursued in the concrete moment of purchase. The road for companies that want to pursue a genuine sustainability policy would seem to be “double”: in the short term they must try to explain what the concrete benefits is for their potential customers in buying “sustainable”, in the long term they must rethink their own “business model” and to all internal production processes

Each consumer remains the personal responsibility to take charge of what you buy, “every purchase is a political act” is was said a few years ago. Now the theme returns to the center of the cultural debate. In an era of images that run quickly, it’s not easy to stop and understand what we really like, what are the garments and accessories that reflect our personality and that once worn, tell about us with the right language. Because that’s exactly what they do. Fashion is a non-verbal language that can tell a lot about us, and it must do it the right way.

Here in Regenesi, we believe in raw materials regenerated thanks to the intelligent use of technologies. Softness and purity of the fabric, attention to the recycling and regeneration of materials, handmade accessories, made in Italy and eco-sustainable, created and designed with care and respect for the people and the planet we live in. This is our language, and what we want our accessories to tell about the person who wears them.It is true, today sustainable fashion is more expensive, especially if the price is compared to that of “fast fashion” chains (which are often based on the model you produce a lot, at a low price and then throw and discards what is not needed). Remember that someone is paying that cost somewhere on the planet. The secret can be to buy less, but to buy using head and heart, leaving aside the compulsive desire to always have something new. Before each purchase, stop to think if what you are buying really serves you, if you can take it with you season after season and if it will be a product capable of highlighting your personality, your person and your values.

And if you want to give yourself a gift that highlights yourself without costing the planet dearly, on a selection of sustainable fashion and design accessories from exhibitions, championships and end of series is online at a very special price! Products that would become scraps in a fashion company, instead become an opportunity!