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Leather and Fabric



Mixed-wool fabric products with more than 70% from the regeneration of textiles and knitwear (clothing or scrap textile) and certified "Carded Regenerated CO2 neutral" because, after careful calculation of CO2 emissions in the production of the tissue, was purchased the quantity of emission credits needed to cancel the impact of the production.


The regeneration of 100 kg of used clothing than the production of 100 kg of virgin material generates the following savings: 33 kilowatts of energy, 2.5 cubic meters of water, 3.25 kg of chemical, 1.5 kg of dyes.

In addition, it avoids the emission of 90 kg of carbon dioxide and 5 kg of sulfur dioxide.





The regenerated leather is entirely made of natural and regrowing raw materials: genuine leather fibres tanned with vegetal substances, natural latex (extracted from rubber plants), water, natural fats, natural colouring agents and salts.
The strong points of  the regenerated leather manufactured by Regenesi are the guarantee of durability (10% deterioration in 10 years), colour resistance both to light and rubbing, and a smooth surface.


The regenerated leather is produced with a highly sophisticated process. Genuine leather waste of vegetal tanning, which form 65% of the end product, are selected, prepared and defibrated.
They are processed in water mixed with other all natural substances, especially fats and colouring agents, and the preparation is spread on large tables to dry.
It is then pressed and, lastly, processed to ensure softness.