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Sustainability - Regenesi

Giving new life to fashion

Bringing discarded material back to life and transforming into designer goods, and then wrapping with 100% recycled material is at the core of Regenesi's values. Giving life back to our environment. All the items are crafted using recyclable materials (aluminium, glass, leather, plastic, paper etc), following an innovative production process guaranteeing the same quality as the raw materials. 


We believe in beauty

Being the best we can, looking the best we can and choosing to make the world a more beautiful place to live in.


We believe in design

Good design gets at the essence of things. It makes the complex simple and it revels in and loves the playful, the clever, the provocative... and even the functional.


We believe in second chances

Our products are all hand-crafted in Italy from materials that had seemingly lived their lives and were now destined for scrap. But there is something powerful, noble and loving in taking those materials and giving them another chance. And by doing so we give the Earth another chance too.


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