The material is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic (no additives or new resins) and each sheet has a 40% smaller carbon footprint than one from virgin material. The white version is produced by the regeneration of the inner parts of scrapped refrigerators. The dark version is produced by the regeneration of disposable coffee cups from vending machines.


This range of sheet materials is made from high impact polystyrene and it is a result of a series of processes which start with removal of waste from the conventional waste stream (that might end up in a landfill site), and the final step of the recycling process is when someone buys a new product made out of what was originally waste. These processes include, collection, baling, sorting, cleaning, granulating or size reduction, melt processing. This last phase is realized only with the combination of heat and pressure (through the use of a mold and a hydraulic press) and then without addition of binding agents or resins. This production process uses between 50% and 70% of which would be needed to create the same material but from virgin materials because this process does not melt the plastic completely and it gives off no noxious or harmful fumes whilst it is being pressed.




Plastic material (Polymethylmetacrilate), recycled and recyclable, in the form of acrylic sheets in various finishes and sizes. More than 90% of it consists of post-consumer recycled: buttons, bag grips, eyeglasses, car warning triangles and bicycle reflectors.


The polymethylmetacrilate scrap is shredded in a blade mill, poured into steel moulds and placed in methane fired kilns which reach a temperature of about 500°C: the heat transforms the material into raw monomer.
Colouring agents are subsequently added to this base, together with agents that make the material anti-UV and abrasion resistant. Lastly the mix goes into special moulds of variable thickness, forming sheets when it is cooled.

PLASTIC FROM BOTTLES  that turns into: 

Felt: Certified 'Global Recycled Standard' comb that is created by recycling and regenerating plastic bottles. Each kg of fabric corresponds to 30 1.5 litre plastic bottles. Our collections produced using this felt are Re-Flag, Re-bon, Dante 700

Velvet: Solemio Recycled Eco Trendy velvet 100% polyester yarn from recycled plastic bottles and various waste products. The yarn obtained is Oeko-Tex Cl 1 and REACH Cl 1, certifications that guarantee the absence of chemical elements in the yarn that are harmful to nature or man. Our collection Metamorphosis is made using this kind of velvet.