YOU can make the world a SUSTAINABLE place • PITTI UOMO 97

Dezember 23, 2019

Pitti Uomo 97

Collection born in collaboration with Michela Gattermayer - journalist known for her counter-current approach that always manages to intercept tastes and anticipate trends - made up of douffle bags, shoppers and postmen. Unisex proposals, born from a contemporary and elegant interpretation of a 100% regenerated fabric coming from the recycling of plastic bottles. An ambitious and daring project, in full Regenesi style.

A collection that focuses on the retailer and his relationship with his customers. Through the "regenerate your jeans" collection, each customer will be able to bring their used jeans back to the store and see them transformed into a new accessory, being able to choose between different models of bags, a backpack, a fanny pack and a belt.

YOU can make the world a SUSTAINABLE place
This will be the message that will welcome visitors to the Regenesi space at the Lyceum. Space where you can learn the stories of products that, destined to become waste in the environment, have instead been transformed into something beautiful, desirable and of exceptional quality.
"For 12 years we have been committed to" transforming waste into beauty " - declares Maria Silvia Pazzi founder and CEO of Regenesi - at Pitti Immagine Uomo we will present collections and projects dedicated to retailers for 100% sustainable and Made in Italy fashion. "YOU can make the world a SUSTAINABLE place" is more than a statement: it is a step towards building a better world.
Because luxury doesn't have to cost to the planet"

My Factory
Padiglione Lyceum
I° Piano
Stand 84-86

Regenesi, beauty is sustainable.
This is Regenesi, the company awarded Best Circular Economy 2019 in the SME category, which is dedicated to the regeneration of post-consumer materials by transforming them into fashion objects and accessories with an innovative and completely sustainable design. Born thanks to an idea of the entrepreneur Maria Silvia Pazzi, the company today represents an excellence of Made in Italy in the production of fashion accessories and objects for the home and office entirely made with industrial waste materials, to which Regenesi gives a new life. This is how product lines created by international designers are born and based on a virtuous production cycle that transforms waste into beauty, combining style, functionality and sustainable design. Based in Bologna, Regenesi markets its products through the online store and at a selected network of stores around the world.