aprile 12, 2022



Now the summer is upon us the desire to travel and to go on vacation is back, but how can we be sustainable even when we are far away from home?

We all know that traveling is not always a sustainable choice, and that airplanes, ships and cars are among the main causes of pollution and of the increasing in CO2 in the air.

In Regenesi we have always paid attention to the environment and the theme of sustainable travel is not new to us! If you want to learn more about sustainable tourism, here you will find our article from 2018 where we talk about ecotourism and green-holidays. 

Today we want to talk about how to organize at the best our travels with small tips that will allow you to reduce the ecological footprint on the world: we will first see how to choose the right sustainable luggage, what to put inside it and finally what are the behaviors and habits to follow in order to live and travel in a sustainable way.


The first step we suggest to travel green is to travel with luggage made of sustainable materials. This is why at Regenesi we have created sustainable, high quality and totally Made in Italy travel bags and backpacks.

In particular, the collection designed for travelers is Re-Flag, created in collaboration with Michela Gattermayer, one of the most influential voices in Italian fashion journalism, this collection is characterized by clean and minimal lines and suitable for both men and women, who prefer an urban chic style and a sustainable lifestyle.
All products are made with recycled material that comes from the regeneration of plastic through a production process which makes it possible to obtain a kilogram of fabric starting from 30 plastic bottles. The details of bags and backpacks of this collection were made by recovering with ribbons coming from the warehouse of a fashion brand and otherwise destined for disposal. Respect for the environment for us should always be combined with your own style: it is therefore possible to customize them with colors in which you recognize yourselves.
The Re-Flag collection is composed of many different models of eco-friendly accessories that can be used in everyday life from totes to shopping bags in different sizes, passing through the buckets and the postman bags. Among these, the Duffle bag, the Backpack and the Maxi shopping bag are the most suitable for size and capacity to contain the necessary for a trip.
  • The Duffle bag model is an elegant and minimal travel bag, ideal for business or leisure trips, for example it can be used as hand luggage on weekends; indeed, thanks to its capacity it is suitable for short trips of a few days. Our Duffle bag is available in two different colors: beige and mélange grey, while the details of the ribbons are customizable by choosing from seven color variations. The contrast between the neutral color and the brighter one gives the bag a color block aesthetic. It is a very large bag, its dimensions are 60x32x25 cm and inside there is a comfortable maxi-pocket in which storing everyday objects.
  • The eco-sustainable Re-flag backpackis the most suitable accessory for short trips, such as a trip out of town or a day as a tourist in the city. What makes it so is its comfort, given by the softness and flexibility of the fabric and the ability to adjust the shoulder straps according to the height of who wears it. The mélange gray color makes our backpack elegant and gives it a genderless and metropolitan soul, while the details of the ribbons, available in seven different colors, allow everyone to customize the backpack according to their own personal style. Like the other products in the collection, the "I WAS 16 BOTTLES" print can be added to the backpack to communicate the accessory's sustainability. Measurements: 35x45x13 cm.
  • Regenesi's raspberry pink Maxi Shopping is perfectly in line with this spring's trend of wearing bags in bright, energetic and vital colors. It is a bag suitable for everyday needs, thanks to an invisible closure on the outside that makes it safe without changing its minimal aesthetics. It is a large bag as it measures 57x44x7 cm and can be adapted to many different situations thanks to the practicality of the internal maxi-pocket and the flexibility of the regenerated fabric.

Once you have chosen the accessory you want to travel with, it's time to decide what to take with you, so here is a list of what we think is necessary to face the journey in a more sustainable way:

  • A water bottle to reduce the use of plastic bottles
  • A foldable canvas bag to avoid the consumption of plastic bags
  • A beauty case with sustainable cosmetics
  • Our Re-Flag Pochette suitable for holding small items such as documents and keys so you can find them quickly in case of need.

Another little advice we want to give you concerns useful habits and behaviors that contribute to making your trip sustainable.

When we travel, we are often full of museum tickets, boarding passes and we tend to print more paper than we should. Today we can avoid all this by using digital tickets that can be shown on our smartphones.

Finally, let us remember that even when we are away from home it is good to choose local food and products at km0, this not only to reduce polluting transport but also to immerse ourselves at 360 ° in the culture of the place in which we are. 

Well, now that we know everything that can be useful to face a trip in a sustainable way, all that remains is to book and… leave!