N° 64 - World Environment Day

June 05, 2024

N° 64 - World Environment Day

Today, June 5, 2024, we celebrate World Environment Day, an occasion established by the United Nations to highlight the importance of protecting our planet. This day offers us the opportunity to reflect on how our daily actions impact the environment and, consequently, our well-being and global economic development.

The Origins of World Environment Day

World Environment Day has its roots in the 1972 Stockholm Conference, a historic event that marked a turning point in international environmental policy. During that conference, world leaders recognized the urgent need to raise awareness and make people accountable for environmental issues. A few months later, on December 15, 1972, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to designate June 5 as a day dedicated to the environment. Since then, every year governments, organizations, and individuals around the world are invited to participate in activities that promote awareness and action in favor of the environment.

The Theme of This Year

This year's theme focuses on the importance of ecosystem restoration. In an era where climate change and biodiversity loss are increasingly pressing issues, it is crucial for each of us to contribute to the protection of our planet. This means adopting sustainable practices, reducing waste, and choosing products made from regenerated and recycled materials.

Our Commitment at Regenesi

At Regenesi, we are committed every day to demonstrating that fashion can be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our fashion items and accessories are made from regenerated materials, offering not only elegance and style but also a tangible contribution to reducing environmental impact. We believe that every action counts. Choosing products made from regenerated materials is an important step towards a greener future. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating this day and to contribute to the protection of our planet through conscious choices.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we want to encourage everyone to reflect on how they can adopt more sustainable behaviors in their daily lives. Every action counts: from choosing eco-friendly products, to supporting companies that share these values, to actively participating in awareness and conservation initiatives.

Join us in celebrating this day and let's take a step together towards a greener and more sustainable future.